Technology Rooted in Community Needs

a digital steward on a rooftop, holding a laptop and setting up a large wireless antenna.


Rooted in the Detroit Digital Justice Principles, Detroit Community Technology Project’s (DCTP) mission is to use and create technology rooted in community needs that strengthens neighbors’ connection to each other, and to the planet.

We are community technologists - those with the desire to design, build and facilitate a healthy integration of technology into people’s lives and communities, allowing them the fundamental human right to communicate. We work to demystify technology and expand digital literacy in our communities through two primary community technology programs: our Data Justice Program and our Equitable Internet Initiative.

We make the road by walking.

From hosting Data DiscoTechs in each district of Detroit to helping Digital Stewards and their neighbors design resilient communications infrastructure and Gigabit apps, we strive for a future where people who have been marginalized from political and economic power can use technology to shape the future of their lives, neighborhoods, and regions.